Daily tips: Bodybuilding

Here are some great tips for bodybuilding.

  1. Add a new weight plate: I have seen many people working out on the same weight and then complaining to the trainer that the muscle mass is not increasing. Well, if you keep you muscle in the comfort zone it will not grow and you will not be able to see the biceps you wished to see. To get better results out of your work out, you should increase the weight every two weeks to keep you muscle out of its comfort zone. The more stress your muscle feel, the more it will grow and become efficient.
  2. With the weight, increase the rep: Great! So you have decided to increase the weight every two weeks, but do you really think that it will make any difference if you keep the reps same? No, it will not make any difference. Your muscle will stay where it is now. The muscle will increase its efficiency with the weight, but it will not have the stamina to keep the weight on it. To extend the stamina of your muscles, just increase the reps. Simple. I assure you, you will see great results in just a few months.
  3. Compound Exercises are great: Yes, it is right! The more compound your exercise is, the best result you will get. Because, compound exercises can work on more than one muscle at a time. Really time-saving, isn’t it? Let’s say you are working out for chest, but as a bonus the exercise is also stressing the back muscles, you will definitely see the changes in the both muscles in one time. Like that, biceps and triceps, biceps and forearms, and thighs and calf exercises are the best compound exercises you can work on to get great results on more than on muscle.

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