Daily tips: Five exercises to bigger your biceps


Barbell curls: Are you a beginner in body building? Barbell curls is the great exercise for you to start with. This exercise is simple. Just take a barbell, add some weight plates on it and start your curls. But, keep in mind that you select weight which can give stress to your biceps. Because, this stress will eventually give you result you wish.


Inclined dumbbell curls: This exercise is a little complicated than the previous one. In this exercise, you do not need a barbell, but instead you will need to dumbbells with appropriate weight attached to it and a bench which is set on 45 degree angle. The photo can explain the exercise in a better manner.


Cable curls: This exercise is again simple as the barbell curls, because in this one, what you need is a Multigym with attachment of a bar connected to weight with the help of cables. Stand straight and start pulling the bar upwards. This will increase the curves on your biceps.


Reverse grip rows: A super complicated and very effective exercise is reverse grip rows. After an exhausting round of bicep curls if you go for this exercise, you will definitely increase the stress on your biceps. And trust me; you will get your curved and masculine result in just a few days.


Concentration curls: Easy one, just sit on a table, give your arm the support of your leg and start pulling the dumbbell. In this exercise, because of the support of the leg, you will stress the exact bicep muscle. This exercise will help you make your bicep rounder and attractive.

The Gymnasio Gym, in Maninagar, Ahmedabad, has experienced trainers, who will train you with different yet effective exercise. Above are some of that exercises that the trainers suggest the customers to perform.

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