Daily tips: Weight-loss

Here are the tips of the day for weight loss.

  1. Cut the bread out: This food comes with high carbs and increase blood sugar level. The process of making bread out of very fine wheat flour, removes nutrients. It also increases cholesterol. And the worst part is, it takes time to get digested.
  2. Keep a fruit in your pocket: you are in the office and to eat a chocolate in the afternoon has become your schedule. Stop it! And instead of eating a chocolate from the cafeteria fridge, eat a fruit.
  3. Chocolate shake without milk: Instead of eating high calorie food drink chocolate flavored protein shake, but instead of pouring milk in the powder, pour water. It will fill you up and you won’t feel hungry.
  4. Change the measurement of your lunchbox: This one is a great idea while you are on dieting plan. Let’s say, your lunch box is 7”X7”. Just change it to 5”x5”. What will happen is, you will not be able to bring more food in the office. It will limit your intake. Isn’t it a great idea?
  5. Before and after: keeping a photographic record of your body is good. It motivates you while you are off track. Before start dieting, take a picture of yourself and after a few months of dieting take another picture. Compare it. And the change you will see in those photographs will motivate you.
  6. NO DRINKS PLEASE: keep away from the high calorie soft drinks. And above all, say NO to after work wine sips.
  7. Selecting proper cloths: Instead of wearing a normal jeans, wear a skin-tight jeans. Now you will think, “How it can help me?” Well, whenever you will look in the mirror you body shape will motivate you to keep it maintained or to make it better.

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