Daily tips: Yoga

Some tips to improve your yoga.

  1. Don’t bend too much: Not everyone is able to bend their body like a professional. So, for your own safety, know your limits. While performing yoga, do not stress your body muscles too much. Do not try to stretch all the way, because it can hurt your muscles. Proceed step by step. First stretch as long as you can, once you feel pain in your muscle, stop.
  2. Smile is the key: Enjoy yoga. Enjoy the stretching you do in the yoga. The smile really gives positive effects to your body. When you over-stretch your body, your smile vanishes, instead of a smile; your face reflects pain you are feeling. Just readjust yourself and start over.
  3. Please keep breathing: Breathing properly while performing yoga is necessary. Because, more the oxygen consumed by your body, more positive effects you will get in your body. Even when you are doing weight training, the trainer keeps telling you to keep breathing, because every part of our body needs nice flow of oxygen.
  4. Attitude: Yoga is a practice of concentration. Concentration of mind, body and breathing. If all three are in rhythm, you are doing a great job! And when you are completely concentrating on the stretching part of your body, your yoga practice deepens.
  5. Observation is a friend: Observe that in daily life, on which muscle you are giving the stress the most? Once you observe it, keep that muscle out of your practice. Concentrate on other muscles.
  6. Meditation: Meditation is the goal of yoga. When you start performing yoga, and if you are a professional, you will reach the meditation stage really early. Meditation is the peace of mind. You will feel like you are separated from the physical world. It will increase the healing ability of your body.

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