When you join a gym, you not only look for weight lifting and bodybuilding equipment, you also look for other facilities like aerobics, yoga, zumba, steam bath etc. Well, you will find all these in just one gym, Gimnasio, the best gym in Maninagar, Ahmedabad. We take care of our customer’s fitness as well as needs.

aerobicsExperience the best aerobics.



YogaExperience Peace.




zumbaFeel the vibe of fitness.



cardioReduce the fat faster with cardio.



14973520-bodybuilderMake your self perfect.





black-wifi-icon-hiEnjoy Wi-Fi connectivity.



feast_steamRelax your body with the warmth of steam.



js-bar-icon-examplesEnergize yourself with a glass of fresh juice.



When you first sign up for membership at Gimnasio, we check certain aspects of your body. We note it, we analyze it and then we create a plan for you, and as per that plan we start your training. Let’s say, you have extra fat in your body. We will note your weight first. Then we will analyze that how much weight you have in your body. After that we will create a mile stone for your weight-loss per week bases, and then we will start your training. Your training will include running on trade-mill, cycling, and cardio exercises. Basically all that exercises will take the sweat out of you and burn your extra calories.

While taking care of your extra calories, we will also take care of your internal organs as well. How? Well, with the help of yoga of course. Here at Gimnasio gym, we have a separate department for yoga only, where we will help in increasing your body flexibility. Flexibility of each and every muscle will help you while doing cardio exercises. And, as we all know, yoga is a great ancient Indian technique, which takes care of your muscles as well as increase your internal organ’s efficiency. We also have Zumba fitness program, where you dance and burn your extra calories.

To join the best gym in Maninagar and acquire all the facilities of this unique gym, visit our membership page or visit our gym, and start your membership now.

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