Daily tips: Five exercises to bigger your biceps


Barbell curls: Are you a beginner in body building? Barbell curls is the great exercise for you to start with. This exercise is simple. Just take a barbell, add some weight plates on it and start your curls. But, keep in mind that you select weight which can give stress … Continue reading

Daily tips: Yoga


Some tips to improve your yoga. Don’t bend too much: Not everyone is able to bend their body like a professional. So, for your own safety, know your limits. While performing yoga, do not stress your body muscles too much. Do not try to stretch all the way, because it … Continue reading

Daily tips: Bodybuilding


Here are some great tips for bodybuilding. Add a new weight plate: I have seen many people working out on the same weight and then complaining to the trainer that the muscle mass is not increasing. Well, if you keep you muscle in the comfort zone it will not grow … Continue reading

Daily tips: Weight-loss


Here are the tips of the day for weight loss. Cut the bread out: This food comes with high carbs and increase blood sugar level. The process of making bread out of very fine wheat flour, removes nutrients. It also increases cholesterol. And the worst part is, it takes time … Continue reading

Hello to the gym world!

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Welcome to Gimnasio. We are Ahmedabad’s best gym. We are not just the best health and fitness guide for our family of members but also a great fun place! We have loads of stuff to do like gymming, yoga, aerobics and oh have you heard of Zumba! We are well … Continue reading